Quickscribe Services Ltd is the most trusted source for the most current legislation.

Quickscribe offers powerful tools designed for tracking, referencing and researching current and historical versions of BC Statutes, regulations, Bills, Orders in Council and key federal laws. Other industry-specific content can be added on request.

We make legal research easy, and affordable!

Keep Alert

Quickscribe offers a variety of custom alert services designed to ensure you stay informed about new legislation both before and as it becomes law. More...

Most Current

Did you know that our legislation is more current than any other source? Amendments are often posted on or near the same day they come into force; weeks, often several months before other sources. More...

Print/Search with Ease

Our powerful research tools will ensure you find what you are looking for quickly and efficiently. We also included a unique PDF tool, which allows you to print individual Parts, Divisions, Sections or entire documents on demand! More...

Here's your chance to test drive Quickscribe Online. See for yourself just how easy it is to use! No software is required and confidentiality is guaranteed.

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Quickscribe's convenience legislation manuals include category-specific BC Statutes and Regulations within easy-to-use, 3-ring binders with special index tabs.

We carefully monitor legislation year-round and send updates to the manuals automatically to ensure your material remains current. More...